Monday, February 12, 2007

Quiet Racisms

This is a personal mini I'm currently working on. I'll have it done by the end of the semester, hopefully. It's essentially an idea I had cooked up last summer about the way we view race and culture here in Canada.
"Quiet Racisms" refers to an age where violent prejudice and segregation has been replaced with a kind of hidden loathing. The idea of political correctness has relegated us to a kind of forced co-habitation where people seem to swallow or ignore their racial or cultural prejudices in order to properly function in society. What interests me with Quiet Racisms, are those moments we slip up and reveal these little bigotries.

The stories arn't necessarily there to condemn or condone such behaviours. They are natural, and everyone (I mean everyone) does it once in a while. The idea here is to recognize these little weaknesses, laugh about them, take time to consider them rather then pretend they don't exist. It will be a series of undetermined length.

Here's a quick peak, anyway. Not much, but I'm pencilling the first installment.

Also, please check out Kevin Huizenga's Curses. A fantastic urban fantasy. Mythology, life, tragedy. All that good stuff.

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