Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our trip to TCAF '07

We got back from TCAF last night and it was even more awesome than the last one. We met lots of people, got alot of comics and ate like slobs.
Highlights for me include:
-Meeting up with my friend Helen who left to pursue her education in Toronto
-Meeting the awesome David Yoder, who probably has the most consistently entertaining journal comics I've ever read.
-Finally getting a copy of Project: Superior from Jamie Tanner
-Meeting Drew Weing in person
-Getting a sketch from James Jean
-Having the TCAF 05 mini ready in time for the festival in question. I'll be posting more about this and excerpts of it later.

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jpott022 said...

My highlights:
-gorging myself on korean bbq
-getting weird/coy stares from across Sneaky Dees from Eleanor Davis.
-Seeing a mouse in a flowerbed, and millions of little birds.
-not being sick of JR, Alex and Candice by the end of it.